About – Cheryl Leigh Nunn

I’m a Southern Belle with an extremely strong will to control everything in and around me. I also have a stubborn streak a country mile wide. I’m open, honest, and blunt to a fault. I’m true to my friends and loyal as a beloved hound dog. I may pick on you to show you that I love you, but if anyone else does, I’m ready to finish the fight. LOL, I’ll never start a fight, but I am more than ready to finish one if you think that you can best me and start it. I’m a Lady through and through, but I will not be run over by anyone, physically or verbally. I can stand my ground with the best of them. Oh, and BTW, I have a White Hot Temper.

God is my Father and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I love the Lord my God with all my heart and soul the only way I know how. I pray to God through the Son throughout the day, every day! I talk to God as my Friend, humbly but with respect. I try to spend time in God’s Word every day, but God’s still working on me with that.

I’m a hopeless romantic. I fall for the simple things in life that are given from the heart. I much prefer a homemade meal eaten under the stars with candles as to an expensive one at an over the top place meant only to impress. It’s the little things in life that matter the most to me. A look across a crowded room, holding hands with a sudden squeeze of my hand three times to let me know you love me, or cheap flowers out of the blue just because you were thinking of me. Just random acts of kindness mean so much to me. My mom used to leave me notes around the house to let me know that she loves me and what she thought of the chores I was doing about the house. They were never in the same places or said the same things but they were always uplifting to my spirit.

I am looking for the man has only for me. Otherwise known as my soulmate. I know that he is out there somewhere. God has chosen the right god-fearing man for me. I have to admit that I am a little bit hard to handle at times, but I’m looking for a man that can accept me as I am without trying to change me into something else. A man I can follow and that will lead us spiritually. That is as a Christian, not religious. He has to love the Lord as much as I do and not just pretend to get me into the sack. Talking about sex…I will not be having sex until I am married again. I have been married three times already and I didn’t do it God’s way any of those times, but this time I’m doing things God’s way all the way. I want real love. I want meaningful love. The true love that comes between a man and a woman that come from putting the other person first under God: God’s Love!!! Life is just too short to waste it on a bad guy. I don’t want a “here today” and “gone tomorrow” love. I want the Real Thing.
If you want to know about my kids or anything else you will have to talk to me personally. I will tell you that I have four beautiful kids and they were all born in wedlock. I’ve had some not good things happen in my life. But they have made me who I am today. I am stronger today for having gone through them. I have Bipolar II and PTSD, for more information please ask me. If you want my entire story please feel free to contact me at theblessedragon@gmail.com. Leave your name and email and questions and I’ll write you make back hopefully within 48 hours.
Take care. God bless you!
Cheryl Leigh Nunn

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