Nerve Block – Much Better

Wow!  I mean, “Really WOW!!!!”  My head and my neck finally don’t hurt.  I mean it is like a veil of pain has been lifted off my head and completely removed.  That nerve block is suppose to be the one that is really good and will last a long time.  It should take care of my lightning headaches and my neck and right shoulder pain.  It will be nice to be able to raise my right arm over my head without it hurting me…LOL  I might even be able to turn my head without too much pain….WOW!!!!! Even thought This block is suppose to be the best unfortunately there is no cure for the ALMIGHTY MIGRAINE!!!

I really wish they did have a magic cure of migraines.  They are the worst. You can’t move around because you are so sick. You can’t stand light or sound of any kind. You are literally just lying there praying for it to go away because you can’t take any medication because you vomit it up.  Sometimes they are so bad that you get to see things like pink pot-a-dot animals, but that doesn’t happen very often.

Well, I’m really happy that I don’t have one of those thing morning or should  tonight since the sun has not come up yet….lol  Talk to you later. and have a Blessed day!

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