Is a Nerve Block Fun?

Now let me begin by saying that Nerve blocks normally work to control the pain they are meant to, but sometimes getting to the relief stage  is a not so smooth ride.  You go through a series of nerve block to locate the right nerves to hit that give you the best relief.  They tell you at the clinic that these blocks are just temporary and will most likely only last a couple days.  I was lucky in that they lasted sometimes as  long as 3 weeks. Sometimes the blocks work and others times not so much.  After several of the short term blocks they will do Radio Frequency blocks which is where they will us electricity to kinda kill the nerves that are causing you the pain.  The only part bad about it is that sometimes the nerves don’t realize they are dead for up to 4-6 weeks later so you’ll still have right after the local wears off.  The great thing about these RF blocks is that they will give you relief for 6-18 months depending on how fast your body builds back the nerves that were “killed>”

In the worse case sometimes after the local wears off, it feels like someone let a Jackass in the procedure room to kick you where they did the block which in my case was the back of my neck. LOL I got a nerve headache which is almost as bad as migraines without the unset stomach.  I have all the other symptoms though.

They also tell you to apply cold on the site which really helps the only problem with that is it stops being cold and as it warms up, the pain gets worse with the heat. You have to take the ice off after only a little while so you only get a little relief and you have to wait between the ice packs so you have to endure so pain for a little while between ice packs, but it’s not as bad as without the  block.

My problem today is that I had a nerve block yesterday in my C2-C5 vertebrae  and it feels like a have a knife stuck in the back of my brain and sparks are coming from the tip all of the time.  Nothing seems  to be helping.  I’ve had this headache since an hour pass the procedure.   I pray my night medications work so at least that would give me some relief.  I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Y’all are in my thoughts and prays.

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