Coughing/Breathing Problems

smoboWell, my lungs are at it again. They just don’t seem to be healing like they are suppose to be.  Sometimes I wonder why I quit smoking.  I was not sick or having breathing problems then.  I was coughing some, but not a lot. But now since I quit smoking on June 3, 2017 I’ve been in the hospital twice for the total of 10 days.  I just don’t understand it.  I have heard that your lungs will heal to almost like new after like 15-20 years after you quit, but I’ll have to research.

After research, I found an article in Time magazine, dated June 1, 2008, by Laura Blue, entitled “Is the Damage from Smoking Permanent?” had a lot of good information in it.  In it Laura asked the question to Norman Edelman with the American Lung Association and he had some interesting answers. Firstly he said that the human body was a healing machine so the lungs will start to heal to some degree after you quit smoking, but the healing will depend on how much you smoked and how long you were smoking.  Let me say from the outset if you developed COPD or emphysema, you have caused permanent damage to your lungs and you will not get your total lung capacity healed. Don’t worry.  Some of the damage will be reversed, but not all.

Since the body is a healing machine, as soon as you stop smoking your lungs begin to heal.  First the inflammation starts to go down as soon as put down your cigarettes.  You start to kill your lungs all over again every time you pick up a cigarette to smoke.   (Did you know that? I didn’t….lol) Then the cilia which are the little hair-like projections in the airways which are frozen by the smoke of tobacco  also begin to work again.  After some weeks leading into months then into years, your lungs will heal.  Breathing will become easier.  Exercise ability will grow.  Interestingly, people find that they cough more after stopping smoking, but if you think, it would be perfectly normal be cause the lungs are cleaning themselves out.

Now this article does state that just like everything human, everyone is different and will react differently to everything so there are no real hard and fast rules about anything medical. Take me for once.  I’ve been in the hospital twice in almost eight months once for triple pneumonia and secondly for chronic bronchitis almost pneumonia.  So I’m really batting a thousand  here.

Praise the Lord that I’m home tonight instead of at the hospital, but Baptist East is a great hospital if I have to be in the hospital.  I still have 5 days of treatments, but at least I’m at home in my own bed with my best friends and all the cuddly creatures (2 cats , 40 lb lap/couch potato, 6 lb sack of flour).  LOL

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