Welcome to Me and My Mind

I am a Real Southern Belle from Mississippi with a stubborn streak a country mile.  I’m open, honest, and blunt to a fault. I’m a hater of games except board games and cards but poker and I have a bad history. That’s a story that I will leave for a later post. Wow, I have a topic for my second post.
I don’t like drama of any kind, but I don’t like causing drama in any of my relationships except of course in a good and kind way. I don’t like being brought into the drama of other people unless  I can help them in some way.  Most of the time this is not the way things go.  God tends to use these types of situation to help us grow in one way or another.
A lot of people don’t know this but the two sides of my family are almost polar opposites. I love them very much, especially with all the ups and downs.  They don’t  like each other much so I always feel like the red flag in the middle of a tug-of-war between them.  sides of my family blessed me in so many different ways. I’m as comfortable working on a farm, having horses and cows and chickens, riding horses, working in a garden, climbing trees, and canning my favorite veggies, green beans (LOL) as I am in art museums,  fundraisers and fancy dinners and ballroom dancing. I am so thankful to them for their roles in my life.  I would not be the woman I am today without the family members that have taught me so much.
God is my Father and Jesus is my Lord.   They are my #1.  I talk to God all throughout the day.  I am a Prayer Warrior and the people around me are always giving me people to pray over and I do. I also listen because I love to hear God’s voice. I  love my church family they are like a second family to me.
We are very involved in missions, both locally and abroad.  We have two local homeless shelter meals a month that we do and my church tithes off the offering  every Sunday and Wednesday which goes to missions. We have several missions that we support abroad and one on the campus of the University of Memphis plus the local missions in one way or another.
Several years ago my Pastor divided the congregation into smaller groups he called families and color coded them as a way that we could  get to know each other better and pray for each other more specifically.  He named called us “Family Strong”. Each family is lead by a staff pastor.  I was in the Orange family for the first t wo years of the program, but now I’m in the Purple family. We try do stuff together every month.  We have friendly competitions among the families which are a lot of fun.  One Sunday a month is set up as Family Strong Sunday. We all wear our colored shirts, and seat with our family members.  Sometimes during the service there would be a game that each family would compete and win points, and at the end of a certain period, the family with the most points gets the big trophy and bragging rights for the next period.
Welcome to the interworking’s of my mind.  Thoughts dart from here to there  all the time never staying in one place for very long.  They are sometimes calm but not often. Mostly they are hard to tame or even catch. What will come out of my hands will be a wonder.
It will be interesting to see where this journey will go – COME JOIN IN!

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